It's official, our new album 'Oh My My' is released worldwide now!!
Download a copy on Apple Music:



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I can't believe there aren't more comments! It wa worth the wait. I listen to it everyday. I fave a different favorite song everyday depending on my mood (which then goes on replay all day or for days).   So I have been unable to determine my favoriate song yet. Think the overall faves are: Human, Choke, Kids,  Future Looks Good, Fingertips. But I really do love them all and go song binges. You all should be very proud of this album. Thought it would be hard to beat Native and was nervous that evolution of the music might not be to my taste, and while a little different, I still can get into it (like Wherever I Go). I can't wait to see you in concert in 2017. I traveled from Illinois for opening day in May at Red Rocks for the opening of the Native Tour. In Cali now and probably can't do that again.  It will travel to wherever in CA to see you at least once. Great job OneRepublic!!!!