We’ve got news for you, LA and Chicago! Tickets to the below October dates go on sale at 12pm local time TODAY at the links below. Shoutouts to Mastercard and American Airlines
LA – 10/8 at Troubadour: http://bit.ly/1rlatix
Chicago – 10/14 at The Vic Theatre: http://bit.ly/1Rchitix



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Tom_Spencer2's picture

Please come to New Zealand!! I've been dreaming of seeing you guys  ever since i missed out last time, when i had an exam that day! we love you here and there is so much you could see!! the wilderness is just waiting for you to explore it

Judy_Branney's picture

Hey OneRepublic,  We missed you inVegas last Sunday.  The joys of Mother Nature. When are you headed home to Denver??? Your best fans in Denver want you to play here in2017!