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#Repost @ryantedder (@get_repost) ・・・ MY DAY IN TOKYO: 1) Met @rainfalltattoo through @wackomaria_guiltyparties and he ended up doing tattoos for half our band and crew - also had to grab something new from @paradisetokyo_wackomaria (fav Tokyo store). Then @eddiefisher1r & I both called the wives and we went to our fav coffee shop in Tokyo @nozycoffee_kisarazu in Harajuku. There's a lot of great coffee and Tokyo… But, location should partially factor into what makes a coffee shop great... in this case Nozy wins. tried to find clothes for Zach (un-successfully), which led to us joining our crew in Golden Gai tiny bar section of Shinjuku, finally followed by THE BEST STEAK anyone in this band has ever had in our lives at the temple of Kobe beef; Kobe Beef Kaiseki 511. So good I had to take a pic w the chef. I eat red meat rarely now, but this beat anything we've ever had. Japan somehow improves on what everyone else does consistently. . - RT



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